Melbourne Day 3

Beep Beep Beep… It was 7am and time to get ready. This was one of the most excited we all have been in Australia. We were about to rent a car! We got ready and headed down to pick up the VAN. My roommate Nick and our friend Paul are both 21 and they signed to be drivers of the van. We already had most of the paper work ready to go so Nick picked up the key and off we went.

While we were nervous at first about driving on the left side we felt comfortable with Nick driving as he caught on real fast. I told Nick that if he saw a kangaroo crossing sign we should get our picture taken with it. About 30 minutes into the ride Nick pulled over real fast and caught us off guard but we quickly realized it was to get the picture.

It was about a two-hour commute to the Great Ocean Road. Once we got on the road it was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen in my life. The whole stretch of road about 3 hours worth is along the ocean.

We went about an hour and took a pit stop for a couple hours. We went on a hike to Sheoak Falls. It was about a thirty-minute hike to the waterfall. This was a great chance to get out of the van and explore more of the country. The country here is so pretty. Once we got to the waterfall we all took our shirts off and sat under it for a good twenty minutes. We then proceeded another 5 minutes to the top of the waterfall and a cave. Talk about the life!

After touring this we stopped to get some food and keep on driving. About another hour into the road we stopped at the most famous sighting along the Great Ocean Road; the Twelve Apostles. These “Apostles” are rocks in the ocean water. There is only eight remaining now as 4 of them have crumbled. This is one of the more breathtaking views in all of Australia. This stop made the day for all of us.

After this we stopped to see London Bridge. It was a rock bridge that broke off in 1990 and fell into the water. This again was an astonishing view. After seeing London Bridge we decided we would grab some dinner and then head back to the hostel. We dropped the van off and were glad we all survived. Despite not having a room we still walked into the hostel and took showers and then hung out in some friend’s room for a while.

We called around about getting to the airport and the taxi company told us it would be $65 to get to our airport. We decided to just go with a taxi instead of a bus as the buses did not run this early in the morning. We got in the cab and after going a little while the driver told us that it was going to be $120 to the airport. We got into some arguments about it and tried talking to the person we talked to earlier and they were not buying it. It was a bad situation and we think they may have taken advantage of us because we were American tourists.

The trip did not end like we had hoped but we had a great time in Melbourne nonetheless. I will still take Sydney over Melbourne any day!

Fun Fact: When driving on the left side of the road the right side is the passing or “fast” lane.

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