Milford Sound

"On the road to self-discovery, throw
away the map"

Day 3 - Tuesday

Another early wakeup call with another full day of activities. We headed out to the water for a 6-hour kayak trip. I have been in boats, jet skis, rafts, and canoes but have never been in a kayak. This was neat as it was a first for me. We were kayaking around what is known as the “eighth” wonder of the world. This spot is being used currently for the new movie called The Hobbit, which is part of the Lord of the Rings series.

We took a five-minute bus ride from our room to the kayak place. After getting some instruction they gave us layers upon layers of clothing to keep us warm and dry during the 6-hour trip. The top layer of jackets were pink, we looked like a big group of bundled up flamingos. I was one of the few people that chose to wear one of the provided hats (I thought it was cool.) I then paired up with my roommate Nick and we hit the water in our two-person kayak.

I never knew that kayaks have pedals in the inside that controlled a rudder in the back to help control it. I was in the back and was in control of where the kayak was going. Nick was in the front and was in charge of letting me know where to go. We had four kayaks out there and Nick and I worked the best as a team and were the only ones that actually had control of our kayak.

We kayaked around the water and saw lots of planes and helicopters flying in. Turns out this is the most used airport in New Zealand with over 200 flights departing every day. Nick and I chose to go close to the edge of the water and there were seals swimming right next to us in the water, we got so close we could have touched them. We stopped to eat our packed lunch half way through and on the way back passed a huge waterfall. This kayak trip was one of the coolest things I have ever done, mainly because it felt like I was living inside of a postcard, that’s how awesome the scenery was.

After kayaking we were all pretty wore out so we went back to the room and got all cleaned up and then just rested most of the evening. Later on that night we chose to go on a hike to see some waterfalls. This was a short hike but was really neat. We ventured off the path and managed to make our way to the bottom of the waterfall where a couple of the guy’s cliff jumped. I did not end up jumping because the water was way too cold for me, and I was in charge of taking pictures!

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