Featherdale Wildlife Park & The Blue Mountains

"A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path"

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Yesterday was the most fun day I have had here in Australia so far. A local Sydney tour guide for study abroad students led us to the Blue Mountains. This tour guide is the one that is going to be setting up trips for us all over the country during weekends as well as for spring break. All of them look like a great time and I hope to enjoy as many as possible.

Before making our way to the Blue Mountains we stopped at Feather Dale Wild Life Park a half hour or so from Sydney. I was really looking forward to this because of the chance to feed a Kangaroo as well as pet a Koala. This park was really neat as the only animals they had there were native to Australia. The atmosphere was unlike any other zoo I have been to. The disappointing thing about this trip was that we only had an hour to spend here. Fortunately, I packed a lot into that hour, including knocking number 6 off my top ten list despite only being here five days.

After the trip to the zoo we made our way further toward the Blue Mountains. We stopped at a small town to get lunch. This was a neat place with a bunch of small delis and shops about 15 minutes away from the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains are considered one of Australia’s four Landmarks. This was a beautiful place that reminded me of the Grand Canyon but with trees instead of rock, and not as big obviously. We were restricted to a certain hike around the Mountain for a couple of hours. The Three Sisters are a formation of three rocks and is the most famous landmark at the Blue Mountains, and the story of those Three Sisters is a very interesting one that I suggest you look up.

However, I was far more intrigued with the enormous waterfall just next to the Three Sisters. Upon walking down the mountain a bit more we found out that there was a path to the waterfall. Luckily a small group of us convinced our guide to let us go there as long as we would be quick and meet up with the rest of the group soon. Afterward, the rest of the students were jealous that we had this opportunity. We got right up to the base of the waterfall, and it was a stunning view of both the waterfall and the rest of the mountains.

After making our way down the mountain we got to ride a train to the top. This was not any ordinary train as it was the steepest train track in the world. It is not your typical train. As you can see your room in it is very limited with the fence above you. Luckily, I could scrunch down enough to fit on the train. It was a great ride to the top of the mountain and a great way to end the day.

I enjoyed the Blue Mountains so much that I am going to try and come back for a weekend trip with some students as well as the tour guide. This weekend trip consists of rafting, repealing, and canyoning. I can't believe that it took just four days to already completed something in my top ten. Looking forward to doing most of the rest.

Australian Fun Fact for Today: Kangaroos Can't Jump Backwards


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