What to do?

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things
you didn't do than by the ones you did do" - Mark Twain

5 Days,

Thats what my count down ticker reads right now. It's so close yet so far away. As the time draws nearer I find it harder to believe that I am going to be living in Sydney. For the past five months I have been researching what to do in Australia. The hardest thing for me to keep in mind was that it is not just a country but a continent as well. This means that everything is not just a short drive or train ride away but can be a flight as long as four or five hours.

There is so much to do in Sydney, being that it is the largest city in Australia. However, I still want to explore other places in the country.

10) Skydiving - Mission Beach
I know it may be a surprise to some people that skydiving is this high on the list. This is the one thing on my list that I have done before, and that minute of free fall may have been the best minute of my life. The views from Mission Beach are the best in Australia for skydiving. However, I would sacrifice another dive to do anything else on this list.

9) Rugby Match - Sydney
Since I am an avid sports fan I want to experience the most loved sport in Australia. That sport is without a doubt football or what we in America would call rugby. Being that it is not a sport that is viewed in America, I am more than excited to see a Sydney Roosters match with more than 40,000 Aussies.

8) Feed a Kangaroo/ Hold a Koala - Taronga Zoo
When Americans think of Australia the first thing that comes to mind is kangaroos and koalas. The only chance we get to see one of these animals is at the zoo. It's going to be crazy to see kangaroos hopping around in the wild. At the Taronga Zoo you can feed kangaroos as well as hold a koala. I don't think I could go to Australia and not do this.

7) Hang Gliding - Sydney
Imagine jumping off a cliff thousands of feet in the air for a thirty minute ride with nothing but ocean water underneath you. Sign me up.

6) Ride a Camel & Climb Uluru - Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock also known as Uluru is the most recognizable feature of the outback. It is a natural sandstone rock that is over 1,100 feet tall and over 5 miles long. Only 20 percent of the visitors actually climb the rock. I plan on being part of that small percentage. I have always wanted to ride a camel and what better place than the Australian Outback.

5) Bridge Climb - Sydney Harbour
Rated as the number 7 heart pounding experience in the world. You climb across the top of the bridge which sits over 400 feet high. I have heard this is the best way to see Sydney and I plan on experiencing it.

4) Bungy Jump - AJ Hackett
One of the original bungy jump sites in Cairns. At this site you can even dip in the water during your jump. Some people say that bungy jumping is more thrilling than skydiving. There is only one way to find out.

3) Surf - Bondi Beach
I have a passion for playing in the water and can't wait to learn how to surf. I hope to spend lots of time at the beach learning. It doesn't hurt to be living just minutes away from the best surfing beach in Sydney.

2) Swim with Whale Sharks - Ningaloo Reef
I didn't hear about this until about a week ago. Two months out of the year in Western Australia you can swim with the biggest fish in the ocean, the whale shark. These sharks feed on plankton and don't harm humans. Its unlikely I will get to experience this but it is now on my top ten list of things to do before I die.

1) Scuba Dive - Great Barrier Reef
The thing I'm most excited to do in Australia is scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is the largest living organism, so large you can see it from space. The reef is also one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Regarded as one of the best places in the world to dive, what better place to learn than the Great Barrier Reef?
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rose_colored_thoughts said...

@ aaron: your post contains 5 items on my bucket list! :) hmmm...which makes me think i should probably add australia on my places to go from now on.

btw, saw on the news that the rains there brought in too much flooding, hope your country is coping well. just keep on smiling and stay positive. hope always floats. :)

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