Gold Coast & Byron Bay

"Life is to short to live in a rut"

This past weekend I joined a couple of friends on a short trip to the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is considered the Miami of Australia. We really had no plans on what to do while there, we just wanted to check it out. We arrived on St. Patricks Day and managed to get some free St. Patricks hats, which we looked pretty good in. We stayed in a place called Surfers Paradise which is one of the most famous places in Australia. Our hostel was only a block from the beach which was really nice. We spent most of the evening just walking around and planning what to do Friday and Saturday.

Since doing the internship with Disney, I had become a theme park enthusiast. The Gold Coast is the only place in Australia with theme parks and we decided on going to the Wet N Wild Water Park. There are only three Wet N Wild water parks in the world (Orlando, Greeensboro, and The Gold Coast.) I went with my dad and brother to the one in Orlando and it was the best water park I had ever been to.

We spent most of the morning/afternoon at Wet N Wild and rode every water slide there except for the one that was closed. The one that was closed was a water slide that did a loop (I wonder why it was closed.) There slides were awesome but not anywhere near as good as the one in Orlando. 

One thing we were so excited about was that our hostel had a grill. We have not used a grill since we have been in Australia. So we went to the grocery store and bought some burgers to cook for the night. After this we went to the bowling ally to bowl for a little bit. The rest of the evening was spent roaming around on the beach.

Saturday we ended up renting a car and going to Byron Bay which is an hour south of the Gold Coast. Byron Bay is a popular vacation spot for Aussies. This turned out to be a great idea as it was to rain all day in the Gold Coast, and only rain in the morning at Byron Bay. Since we had to be at the airport at around 7 in the evening we did not have much time to do much other than explore.

We ended up taking a hike to a light house which is a popular thing for tourist to do. This was a really neat hike. One of the highlights of the hike was that we were at the most easterly point in the mainland of Australia. We had our picture taken there a took a tour of the light house.

After the hike we took a swim in the ocean and then got back in the car and headed to the airport. This was a short trip but that face that it was just a few guys made it easier to make decisions and we had a great time. Australia is a beautiful country and it is so much fun to just check different places out.

Fun Fact: Australians add an "ie" or "y" on the end of almost every word... They call board shorts "boardies"
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