Watsons Bay & Sydney Kings

"You miss 100 percent of the
shots you don't take"

This past couple weekends have been spent in Sydney as will the next couple weeks. By now most of us had spent a lot of our money and are trying to live as cheap as possible. A group had gone a couple weekends ago to Cairns to visit the Great Barrier Reef. However, I will be seeing the reef with my family so I passed on the trip.

This past weekend we went on a field trip for class to the local amusement park here in Sydney (I will explain more about this in a future post.) My roommate Tarik works for the Sydney Kings, and got twenty five tickets for their final regular season game. So a huge group of us went to the game which was a great time, as I have a love for the game of basketball. Tarik even got some of us free t-shirts.

The game of basketball internationally is different than the NBA we are used to at home. The one rule that gets me is that here they can play a ball that hits off the top of the backboard, which you cannot do in the states. Also the players here get paid a lot less money. Only one player on the team makes over $100,000. This is because basketball is not that big in Australia, if a player wants to play internationally they can easily make more money than that in Europe. Only two of the players played college in the states and they were both from division two schools.

The weather here lately has gotten a little bit more chilly which means it is getting darker earlier. I have also been wearing my only sweatshirt a few times now. We still went to the beach on Sunday as it was the only good beach day of the weekend. We went to a beach we had never been to before called Watson's Bay.

This area is a really neat area as it is more residential and full of locals. We ended up taking a little walk around and found out that this area had bunkers from the war in the 1850's which was really neat to see. The water was a little chilly but was still refreshing after our walk. The view from the beach was the city skyline.

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