Port Stephens and final days in Sydney

"Travel teaches toleration"

We flew from Ayers Rock in the afternoon back to Sydney. When we arrived in Sydney we rented a car and took the two hour drive to Port Stephens. I had gone to Port Stephens with the CAPA group is February and had a great time. We checked in to our hotel that evening and got ready for bed, as it was a long day of traveling.

The rain that had been following us around, yet again followed us to Port Stephens. It pretty much rained off and on the two days we were there. Almost everything there is to do in Port Stephens involves the beach and water. The bad weather ruined any plans we had. We used these two days mainly to relax. We went to the indoor pool and bounced around between their three hot tubs. We also took advantage of the free wireless internet, a rarity in Australia.

We were more than excited to get back to Sydney, as we had some things to take care of. We made a stop Botany Bay, which is where James Cook first discovered Australia. There was a lot of historical significance to Botany Bay, but not much to do. It also happens to be where the Sydney Airport is.

Our last day we spent the last of our Australian money buying last minute souvenirs for friends and family. I also wanted to head back down to Circular Quay where the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge were. We took a ferry to Watsons Bay to walk around for a little bit.

We then took the ferry to Darling Harbour. Passing the Sydney Harbour on that ferry, brought back some great memories over the past four months. I knew this would be my last time seeing the beautiful Sydney Harbour.

We got Chickens Plus, one of my favorite places to eat for the final time. It was becoming such a reality that I was going home the next day and I really didn't want to see all the good times in Australia end. 

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