Surf Camp

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

What's up Dudes,

Last weekend we took a bus trip up to Cresent Head for surf camp. We boarded a bus Friday evening and surfed all day Saturday and Sunday. Our tour guide said that this trip was only a couple hours north of Sydney. Upon arrival to the bus we were told the trip was 6 hours. There were two buses for the trip, a huge motor coach and a smaller bus. We of course had to be put in the smaller bus. It was a long trip but you will see it was well worth it. 

Being one of the last ones to board the bus I was surprised to see the front row of seats open so I told my roommate Tarik to grab that row. I have an eye for seats with the most leg room and this row had double the leg room. I can't believe someone did not grab the seats. We talked to our bus driver which was also our surf instructor the whole ride up. He is a born and raised Aussie named Linton.

On the way up we stopped at McDonalds for dinner. The commercials here that advertise McDonalds call it Mackees. Every time I go to McDonalds in the states I am going to call it Mackees. Funny thing is I ordered at Big Mac (the very first Big Mac I have ever had)

As we were getting close to camp we had to drive on a gravel road for a few miles. This gravel road had a sign on the sign for a kangaroo crossing which was really cool. I had always been looking for this sign and it was the first time I had seen it. Whats even cooler is that I saw a kangaroo on the side of the road and as we drove up he jumped into the woods. 

We arrived at camp at midnight and the group took a walk to the beach and hung out there for a couple of hours. This beach was the most amazing beach I have ever been to. As you walked on the sand it squeaked as you took each step. Whats even more amazing was the stars this evening. There were three times the amount of stars that I have ever seen in my life and they were so close. I used to be really into space and astronomy which made this even cooler for me.

We didn't end up going to bed until about 2 in the morning. The beds were not long enough for me as my feet hung over those bars a good bit. Nonetheless we were woke up at 630 to eat breakfast and hit the waves.

I had figured surfing would be difficult but if was a lot harder than I had expected. We hit the waves for a good two hours in the morning. This two hours was spent riding the board on our stomach then on our knees. After this I proceeded to fall numerous time before finally getting up for a split second. Just as I had got up they called us in for the next group to hit the waves. 

After taking a lunch break we went back out to surf and I was starting to get a little bit better. I had Linton help me out a little bit and he got me to the point where I could stand all the way up with no hands:

After surfing in the afternoon we had dinner and then a big bonfire party at night on the beach with about 100 students and the surf instructors. The next morning we woke up to surf again for awhile then we had an epic game of soccer on the beach.

Surf Camp was a great time and whats even better is I crossed the number 3 thing to do in my top ten.

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